June 23, 2016


render-with-shadow-600pxIn the LockLuck box you will find:

  • 30 question cards, the guide carts for whole the process,
  • 84 graphic cards, exceptional results of using deep neural networks,
  • 56 motivational sentence cards,
  • 220 units of sticky notes just for writing your client reflection,
  • convenient Travel’s bag to organize all coaching set for easy transport.

Additionally the coaching set is equipped by:

  • Instruction with the clear explanation how to use LockLuck,
  • Guide provides more information about process with LockLuck.

In instruction and guide you will find the QR code to multimedia guide access for you to use before working with your own clients so you may go through the process of LockLuck on your own. Helping a client work with his inner critic makes sense only when you, as a coach, know your own.