June 19, 2016

Agnieszka Marczak-Czajka

Aagusiagnieszka Marczak-Czajka, M.S., is a coach, mentor and trainer. She holds degrees in Romance languages from the University of Wroclaw, in Communication from the University of Poznan, and in Psychology from SWPS University in Warsaw, Poland.

She began her professional career as a consultant in Human Resources working with managers, conducting assessments, doing personality testing, and leading training sessions in development centers. While working on normalization, standardization, and cultural adaptation of psychological tests employed in the business sector, she began her research on cultural differences. In 2010, she opened her own practice as a life coach.

Educated in numerous coaching programs in Europe and the United States, she has been credentialed in IIC&M.  She is the owner of Estima Coaching, Ltd., and conducts coaching sessions with people from around the world. She is fascinated by interdisciplinary connections between psychology and computer science and assists in research on the psychological aspects of biometric recognition and the use of deep neural networks in the generation of images that stimulate emotions. In her free time, she enjoys improving her skills as a glider pilot.